I’ve been working on writing a fantastic book about how to balance your life in 30 seconds per day, but it may take a while to finish, so I’m releasing it’s 6th key idea now: a revolutionary way to not only reach your goals with much less stress than normal, but a strategy that actually gets you addicted to achieving your goals and making dreams come true!

It all works through The 4 Standards Score Sheet (click the image to open the larger PDF version for printing):

First, list your current goals in the first column (the book’s first four points discuss important types of goals to set).

Second, every day, give yourself a 0-3 score for each goal. Zero for doing nothing toward it, one for at least making a small effort, two for doing okay, and three for totally nailing it.

Third, at the end of each day, add up all your points and write them in the bottom column.

Finally, if a goal is extra important, you can give it a multiplier, like x2, in the second column. Then when you score a one, give yourself two points when you add up your daily score. If it’s really, really, really important, write 3 in the Multiplier column, and when you score a three, you get NINE points for your daily score!

Here’s why this works:

1. You’re encouraged to not obsess over your goals. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach one one day – there’s always tomorrow! The trick is keeping your goals on your mind. Eventually, you’ll get tired of scoring zeroes and suddenly discover yourself doing something to score a few points.

2. ONLY focus on the positives, and let your brain give you a little reward whenever you score ANY points. This will eventually get you addicted to trying, and TRYING is MUCH more important than achieving!

If you only motivate yourself by focusing on the end goal…that’s a long uphill battle! You don’t get your reward until the final victory. But if you reward yourself for your EFFORT, why that’s the way to live a successful life anyway!

3. You don’t have to work on every goal every day. If you don’t run three miles, you can clean the bathroom instead, and still score a respectable daily score. That’s success! See if you can improve your daily score over time.

4. Adjust your goals and multipliers any time.

Good luck! Give the system a try, and please leave a comment about how the system works for you! Thanks!



2 thoughts on “The 4 Standards”

  1. How is the book coming along? Do you know when it will be published? Very interested. Gonna try this chart. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for asking, Rose. I hope the chart has worked well for you!

    To tell the truth, this book is behind at least 3 or 4 other projects I’m currently working on, so I can’t promise I’ll ever get it finished! I have a pretty significant draft of it done, but it would still take lots of work to get it ready for publication.

    I posted this information here so at least someone would possibly put the ideas to use in the mean time!

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