Love 101: What is Love?

How to Love & Be Loved Video Course

Eight years ago, a thought struck me as I drove down the street: “If love is the answer, why are we so horrible at understanding and teaching it?” I vowed to do something about it – to find out exactly what love is and how to teach it and change the world.

My book, Love 101, is coming along well, but writing that much information takes time! So I’ll be recording many of the chapters and posting the videos here in the mean time.

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Part A: What Is Love?

Part A points out how little we know about what love is and how it works. Here are a few videos to start out:

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Part B: Love is a Word

Part B reviews many of the Pinterest-level explanations you’ve heard all your life that make a feeble effort to define love. “Love is a verb.” “Love is a feeling.” “Love is a choice.” “Love is a chemical reaction.” Etc.

Part C: The 12 Loves

Part C dives deep with thorough explanations of the twelve distinct experiences we often call love. Are they really love? In most cases, yes, though distinct experiences; but not all – some are insidious illusions that only resemble love, and we keep falling for them because we don’t know better. Read up and learn to recognize love’s various forms in your life!

Chapter 1: Attraction
Chapter 2: Invested Love

Chapter 3: Romantic Love
Chapter 4: Beauty Love
Chapter 5: Pleasure
Chapter 6: Unconditional Love
Chapter 7: Deserved Love
Chapter 8: Universal Love
Chapter 9: Self Love
Chapter 10: Friendship
Chapter 11: Affection
Chapter 12: Counterfeit Loves



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