Love is a Process

Love doesn’t happen all at once. It never happens all at once.

It’s like anything else alive. It has a beginning, and from there, it either grows or dies.

If you understood how the whole process works, you could help. You could nurture the good seeds and pull the weeds early, before they grew deep roots and spread their pesky seeds in your garden (life).

This video explains the process and brings you one step closer to understanding what love is and how it works.

Love is a Process from University of Life.


Where do you fall on the “Love is a Process” love slider?

1: Love doesn’t exist! It’s fake. It’s an illusion. It’s the greatest scam in history. 3: Love is magic, and can NOT be learned! Unless you are a unicorn…then maybe. 5: Love can be learned, but it takes a lifetime and requires that you change your personality and nature. 7: Love can be learned and influenced but it’s really difficult. I’m trying anyway. 10: Love can *totally* be learned and mastered! It’s not so difficult once you know how, and it’s FUN to practice!

11. Going to extremes: yes, you can learn to love more and draw more of it into your life, but not by pithy Pinterest quotes alone. Go ahead and share them if they inspire you, but be sure to also study the big picture and put effective actions into practice.


  1. Looking back at your life experience, when would you have made better decisions if you had a clearer understanding about how love works?
  2. Which parts of the love process are most useful to understand and why?


  1. Watch your favorite romantic movie and observe each stage of the love process in action. Does the growing relationship seem realistic or does the script suggest that love simply happens when you get the right two people together and then lasts forever?
  2. Practice each segment of the love process:
    – find beauty, goodness, and value in everything possible.
    – observe what happens when you care about someone or something, and how you treat it differently.
    – nurture your relationship with someone you love (or would like to love more) and notice how it affects your feelings and motivations.
    Discuss your experiences with a friend or on social media.




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