The Law of the Harvest


The Law of the Harvest simply states that “You reap what you sow.”

Want happiness? Sow gratitude, generous actions, hopeful thoughts, and other proven methods for becoming happy. Don’t sow negativity, doubt, fear, or smallness of mind and heart.

Want money? Sow intelligent work, asking for what you want and deserve, or careful investment. Don’t

Want love? Begin by learning to love and respect yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you from taking good care of yourself. When you take care of your needs, you’ll have love left over to be there for others who will bask in the positive energy that surrounds you. sow laziness, procrastination, reckless spending or careless risk.

Once you begin to sow what you want to someday reap, remember to be constant.

When it’s time to plant, you must plant. If you wait two weeks (or ten years) to get started, it may be too late, and too hot, for certain seeds to sprout. You may have to plant something else instead.

When it’s time to water, you must water. If you fail to protect your investments, they may wither and die.

When it’s time to weed, you must weed. Eliminate bad habits and unnecessary time-wasters or drains before they take over your life and kill your crop.

The point is that if you want something, then you must put in the required effort to get it, just like a farmer and his field. The harvest can take time, so don’t lose patience. 

Along the path of your life, as a result of all your planting, watering, weeding, you get more than just a harvest – you become something new.

What have you become so far? What do you want to become? What will it take to become that?



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