Love 101: What is Love?

Love is kinda like gravity. Nobody knows *exactly* what it is or how it works, but since we all experience it daily, only scientists go around asking, “What is gravity? How does it work?”

On the other hand, love is NOT like gravity, because anybody can fall down, but only a small portion of love is the kind you just fall into – and even falling in love can ruin your life if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Oh, sure, you THINK you know how to fall in love because it FEELS right, but feelings are…just feelings and they don’t have everything figured out. There’s a lot more to love than just feelings.

Downhill SkiingFalling in love is less like falling off a log into a refreshing pool of clear, cool water, and more like falling down a steep, snowy mountain, dodging rocks and trees with a pair of skis strapped to your feet.

It’s more like falling off a skyscraper with a wing suit and a parachute. No wonder so many people get hurt.

Anyway, in LOVE 101, you’ll get the big picture of what love is and how it works, so read on!

Love is a Word

Love is a Process

Love is a Choice

Love is a Chemical Reaction



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