Motivation 101

Whether or not you act depends 100% on whether the forces attracting you toward action are greater than those pulling you in other directions.

Quickly learn simple and highly effective methods to tip the balance. Actions will automatically, almost effortlessly follow.

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Identity 101

Find your depth in a shallow world.

Who Are You, anyway? Explore the 10 layers that make you you – and learn how to make the most of all your aspects!

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Love 101

What are the 12 separate mental/ emotional/ physical/ spiritual experiences we call “love”?

How can you consciously ignite love’s spark, become more lovable & improve your love abilities?

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Happiness 101

Where does happiness come from? How can you get more of it?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn from this practical and insightful course.

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The University of Life prepares and presents the most essential lessons that people (like you) need in order to live your best life. In other words:
How to Be Awesome.

Exactly how you define “Awesome” is up to you, but however that looks, it will look better when you have a clear sense of self, when you know how (and why) to love, when you understand how to easily get things done, what happiness is made of, and so on.

So thanks for stopping by. Please return often to check for new content, and if you discover something you find helpful, please share it with others.

P.S. Yes, that baby really won that medal. For being awesome. What’s stopping you from doing the same?



Engaging + Insightful Fiction

Courage, Love & the Meaning of Christmas
Book 1 of the Art of Heart Christmas Trilogy
The Perfect Gift
Book 2 of the Art of Heart Christmas Trilogy
The Art of Heart
Book 3 of the Art of Heart Christmas Trilogy
A vampire cure for forever

Exciting + True Adventure Stories

75 Search and Rescue Stories
75 Search and Rescue Stories
An insider’s view of survival, death, and volunteer heroes who tip the balance when things fall apart
7 Cardinal Virtues: Wanderlust
An American in China
Starting Over
A travel guide to the adventurous life

Life-Changing Self-Improvement Titles

True You
True You: the simple art of seeing who you really are
LOVE 301:
How to Love Yourself
A step-by-step guide to your ideal life experience
Basic Intuitive Healing
Heal Your Emotions
A practical guide to speaking your brain’s languages and turning pain into power

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