Introduction: The Power of Identity

How can you “be” yourself if you don’t know what that means? “Sense of self” empowers you to not only be you, but to:

  • make better decisions
  • avoid life’s pitfalls
  • feel stronger and better all the time
  • enjoy being yourself more than ever

These videos introduce you to the 10 layers of “you” that make you who you are, and present ways to become even more complete.

Level 10: Possessions

If you’re like many other people, you identify with your possessions, which tell the world who you are.

This video explores one aspect of Identity’s Layer 10 – your clothing. We’ll add more videos and explore more aspects of how what you own becomes part of who you are!


Level 9: Groups

The many groups you belong to can further help you develop your sense of self. But be warned: there’s a better and worse way to do it.

Note that there are two ways to derive your sense of self – you can decide what you think and feel about your various layers, and you can decide what to believe others think and feel about you based on the same criteria. One big benefit of deciding what you believe is that you become more grounded, and others’ opinions influence you less forcefully.

You can make the most of your group affiliations by taking some interest and pride in them – but, ideally, without feeling like they pit you against other groups, or imagining that your group affiliations make others think less of you.


Level 8: Environment

Your surroundings – including relationships – shape your experience of self, so watch this video and become more aware of what that means and how it influences your life.

Environment doesn’t (only) refer to nature, but to all the elements around you with which you interact and which express, reflect, or reveal who you are. This includes your home and other locations, supportive or destructive relationships, and more.


Identity Level 7: Your Body

At Identity Level 7, we finally reach something that is ACTUALLY YOU! Your body. How do you relate to your body? How could you improve that relationship and get the most benefit from it?

You may have noticed that identity 101 began with external aspects of who you are, and is slowly moving toward the internal. It’s also moving from the concrete toward the abstract. And from the less important to the more important. Here at level seven, your body, we’ve finally begun to touch on what is actually you.

When you think about it, your body is still just a thing, but it’s by far the most important thing you will ever own. It’s important because this is the vehicle through which you experienced your entire life. Everything you will ever do, you will do with your body. Everything you ever feel, you will feel through your body.

So go ahead and use it! Take good care of it, so it will take good care of you. Do things that not only make you feel good, but that make you feel good about yourself, about who you are.


Identity Level 6: Personality

Until finding this course, you may have believed that your personality is what defines who you are, rather than simply one more layer of self. Watch the video and find out what personalities are made of and how to describe yours.


Identity Level 5: Personal Power

Personal Power is one of THE MOST EXCITING ASPECTS of being alive, yet most people have no idea what personal power means, nor why they should develop it. Watch and find out!

How empowered are you? How can this aspect of your sense of self increase your power to live your best life?


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Identity Level 4: Experience

Your experiences shape your sense of self immensely – but is that for better or for worse?

Few things shape your sense of self more significantly than what you’ve lived through and the activities you participate in. Whether they have a supportive or limiting influence depends on how you react to them.


Identity Level 3: Beliefs

Belief systems are deep thoughts that keep you from changing your station in life. Learn what you can do to install supportive beliefs rather than limiting, stressful, miserable ones.

Imagine that you have a big, beautiful house where you must spend the rest of your life. You also have many guests. None of them pay rent, they just live there. What would you do if some of the guests tore up the flowers and made lots of noise and put holes in the walls?

I hope you have enough self-respect that you would kick them out. Why should you stand for such Behavior? Invite better behaved guest instead.

Well, your big, beautiful house is your brain, and those guests are your thoughts. Stop allowing destructive thoughts to reside there. If anything tears you down and ruins your quality of life, evict it.


Identity Level 2: Values

Values are defined as “whatever you care about,” and what you care about say a LOT about who you are and your quality of life. Get to know your values better and double your life satisfaction!

“Values” doesn’t just refer to the way you most often hear it used in the news – like your stance on gun control, abortion, and immigration. Rather, it includes everything that you truly care about. Watch this video and consider the following list of values – ask yourself which ones you care deeply about, and whether you’ve been living them or if they’ve been pushed aside by the quotidian demands of the rat race.

  • Authenticity, Achievement, Adventure, Authority, Autonomy
  • Balance, Beauty, Boldness
  • Compassion, Challenge, Citizenship, Community, Competency, Contribution, Creativity, Curiosity, Competition, Comfort, Connection
  • Determination


Identity Level 1: Potential

This video reveals the ideal outcome and ultimate goal of Identity 101.