Depression is Simple


Depression is when your favorite feelings go on vacation without you.Here’s the simplest & most helpful explanation of depression you’ll ever read:

Depression happens when life tips too far away from the light for too long, and your heart and mind take a partial vacation.

Depression is a safety valve, like when you turn on too many appliances in your home and blow a fuse. If your system didn’t partially shut down, your overloaded circuits would have experienced a worse melt down later on. Continue reading


Thinking Distortions


seeclearlyIf you ever find yourself feeling frustrated that things aren’t working out better or suffer from any degree of anxiety, depression, or low self esteem, then there’s a strong chance it has something to do with Cognitive Distortions. If you’ve never heard of these pesky bad habits, then you’ve been missing out on a huge opportunity to make your life better and easier!

To be concise, thinking distortions are ways we sometimes think that – when you actually think about them – make no sense and often destroy your mood, motivation, and chance at living a happy, successful life.

Read through the list below and see which patterns you recognize in your life. Sometimes merely recognizing irrational thoughts when they happen provides enough clarity for you to stop thinking that way.

In case that’s not enough, we’ll also provide examples of more accurate, balanced perspectives. Get in the habit of correcting your own thinking distortions each time you catch yourself making one. It may seem difficult at first, but turns easy as soon as you create some new neural pathways in your brain.

If you want even more help to correct your thought habits, then order The Feeling Good Handbook, by Dr. David Burns, who pioneered this topic. He provides a helpful worksheet where you:
1. Write down your thought/perception.
2. Write how much you believe that thought (for example, 85%).
3. Identify which of the following thinking distortions apply.
4. Write how much you believe the thought *now* (for example, 15%).
This is a surprisingly effective exercise. You can usually buy the book for a few dollars on Amazon.

  1. All-or-nothing thinking: seeing things in black or white as opposed to shades of gray; thinking in terms of false dilemmas and false dichotomies. Often involves using terms like “always”, “every” or “never” when this is not true.
    Example: when an admired person makes a minor mistake, the admiration is turned into contempt.
    Reconsider: does that sound realistic? Maybe you saw one example where that seemed to happen, but did all the admiration vanish? What about all the others who make mistakes and are not despised? Look around and gather more evidence.
    Correction: we all make mistakes
    (haha, there’s a harmless all-or-nothing thought that empowers instead of disempowering!) and just because I made one today doesn’t mean I didn’t do a lot of other things well and come out ahead for the day! I’m a fabulous person! Continue reading

Are YOU a Good Driver? Quiz


If it\’s true that everyone who drives faster than you is crazy, and everyone who drives slower is an idiot, then how can you know which one you really are? TAKE THIS QUIZ, that\’s how!

1. In the diagram to the right, the slow lane is:abclanes


2. Turn signals should be used:


3. When following on residential roads, a proper following distance would be:


4. It is appropriate to back off and let cars merge into your lane when:


5. When someone flashes their lights behind you on the highway, it means:


6. It’s okay to pull out in front of a motorcycle when:


7. When passing an accident along the freeway, you should:


8. In the diagram to the right, lane C is for: abclanes



Podcast: Good and Hard


In our first University of Life podcast, we interview an extended family – a first-time mother, a survivor, a young cowboy, and an accidental jailor -¬† about some of their most difficult experiences and seek to answer and explain the question “Is bad good?”

We’d love to make a habit of creating thought-provoking podcasts like this, so if you enjoy it or find it helpful, please say so in one of the comment sections below! Thanks! Your feedback matters!

A big thanks to Marilee, Kirsten, Chris, Preston, Emily, Tiffany and Jeri! You made it great.

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Top Ten Depression Cheats


xboxroomatesI’ve never considered myself a gamer, but I was wrong. It turns out that life itself is a game. In fact, it’s a whole series of games, and we all play them nonstop.

These games aren’t a waste of time, either; they happen to be the best way to learn life’s lessons – which is the whole reason we’re alive on this earth in the first place. The sooner we realize that life is a game and play to win, the better everything will go for us.

These games are so utterly immersive and realistic that you’d think they came from a hundred years in the future. Some of the games are exciting, some are scary or fun, easy or challenging, some we play in groups, others make us feel like we’re playing alone, even though we never are. We’re all always interconnected in subtle ways and everything we think, feel and do matters.

One of the least popular of these learning games called Depression. No one enjoys it, no one chooses to play, but life doesn’t always let us decide which games shows up on our screen. If we need lessons that Depression can teach, we may find ourselves trapped inside until we find our way out.

The worst thing about depression is that it’s more complex than meets the eye, and we often get stuck because we don’t know the secrets to beat its many levels.¬†This article reveals the most useful of these secrets; the cheats to help you level up, to find your way through so you can finally win, move on, and play something more enjoyable with your life.

timp 044LEVEL 1: Relax

When you first enter the game, you find yourself at dusk, at 20,000′ on a snowy mountainside, and your challenge is to reach the summit. Light and color drain from the sky. The air grows uncomfortably thin and dangerously cold. Your first instinct is to run up the snowy ridge and get this stage over with as quickly as possible, but when you try, you instantly feel nauseous and fall to your knees, gasping for breath. You might even tumble down the mountain, making matters even worse. Continue reading


12 Twisted Steps to Make Forgiveness Fun


If you prefer to LISTEN rather than read, here’s the podcast version of this article for you :)

Admit it – it’s hard to forgive those who have wronged you. What were they thinking??? What gives them the right??? HOW DARE THEY???

Worst of all, it doesn’t end there. Not only did they do you wrong, but now you’re left holding the bag, feeling angry and hurt and bitter, and now you’re supposed to forgive them when they haven’t even apologized profusely, lavished you with expensive and classy gifts, and groveled in the mud, begging and sobbing for your forgiveness?


The sad fact is that people are people, and people are imperfect. Lucky for you, you are a far superior being to those evil-doers, and you want to forgive them, even when they don’t deserve it.

That doesn’t make forgiveness any easier, so we’ve created this list of helpful steps to guide you through the many cases of insensitivity and injustice unfairly inflicted upon you. Continue reading


Love Conquers All


We’ve heard it before but we barely understand how consistently love resolves all conflict and solves or improves all problems and circumstances.

Ponder the following examples and ask yourself how you can apply love to improve your own life in ways you never considered:

Who intimidates you?

We feel intimidated when our insecurities get triggered.

  • Do you ever wonder if you’re good enough to be loved and accepted? If so, someone more skilled, attractive, funny, wealthy, popular, or [insert your particular insecurity here] may “make” you feel uncomfortable because it reminds you of your allegedly unlovable flaws.
  • Do you ever feel like the world is unsafe? If so, someone overbearing may seem threatening and dangerous to you. Okay, some people really are threatening and dangerous, but most would never really want to hurt you, and 96% of the world wants you to succeed and be happy! (Deep down, the other 4% do, too.)

The solution? LOVE whoever you feel threatened by. Maybe they will respond with kindness, but that’s not the guarantee.

The promise is that your focus will change to something far more positive and healthy, and once that draws attention away from your vulnerabilities, they’ll stop getting triggered and making you feel bad. Continue reading


The Secret to Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time of year again! Time to pretend that next year will turn out different than all the other years before it. “This year,” we promise ourselves, we’ll stick to our resolutions, get in shape, stop smoking, get that new job…and then, we know – we just KNOW it, then we will be happy. Then life will be good.

Well? It’s true! You will be happier and life will be better. Or rather, life would be better if you actually kept working at your goals.

Sorry to tell you the bad news, but the other part is probably not true – you will not keep your resolutions this year any better than you ever have before. Next year will end up pretty much like this one except that we’ll all be another year older.


Unless you learn one little tiny lesson that changes everything. Continue reading


How to Learn to Love Yourself


“Life is kinder to those who love themselves, because love attracts love and light, and repels and dissolves darkness.” – Shaun Roundy

Admit it – if you really, really loved yourself, you’d be happier. You’d have more abundance of all kinds in your life: friends, fun, wealth, health, and overall satisfaction. You’d even grow less attached to material things and all external circumstances, because your primary stability and satisfaction would happen on the inside where outside factors can’t touch it. This is the way life is meant to be lived.

But wanting to love yourself thoroughly doesn’t automatically make it happen does it? The fact is: life is hard and our society teaches self-loathing far more effectively than self love. Let’s take a quick look at why. Continue reading