Welcome to the UNIVERSITY of LIFE


“How does that happen?” you ask…

It’s simple, really. You fill it up with good, and filter out whatever’s not. For example… How well do you know who you are? You may *think* you know yourself pretty well, but we promise…there’s A LOT MORE to you than you’ve yet discovered!

So take our FREE online course: IDENTITY 101: The Power of YOU and get to know yourself better than ever. Discover and develop your best traits, increase your confidence and satisfaction, and drop whatever old views don’t serve your life goals.

Love is the answer, right? Then why hasn’t it solved all your problems? Why does it cause some of the worst dilemmas in your life? Perhaps you should get to know love a little better than you do.

Our FREE online course, LOVE 101: The 12 Loves, teaches you about the dozen different experiences we call “love,” the ups and downs of each one, and how to get more of the good stuff into your world.

Maybe you already know what you want to accomplish, and you just need a little boost to make it happen. Then welcome to MOTIVATION 101: The Motivation Equation, which not only spells out exactly why you do (and don’t do) what you do (and don’t), but shows you simple ways to tip the delicate balance between action and inaction.