Love Thyself as Thy Neighbor

If you’re wondering what it means to love yourself and how to go about it, it’s really quite simple: you love yourself the exact same way you love others.

Look into your eyes and see who you really are, then get excited about reaching toward your potential!

Take care of yourself.

Celebrate your wins. Learn from losses but don’t get discouraged.

Express your opinions. Enjoy your talents!

Stand up for yourself and needs courageously. Face and conquer your baseless worries. Live your dreams, not your fears!

Read LOVE 110‘s Love Abilities and apply them all to yourself!

When God gave Moses the second commandment, to “love thy neighbor as thyself,” it took for granted that people already loved themselves, or at least put themselves first. In today’s culture, maybe he’d have expressed that differently. Maybe he’d have commanded, “Love thyself and thy neighbor.”


Where do you fall on the “Love Thyself as They Neighbor” love slider?

1: I love myself exactly as I love my neighbor; by which I mean that I hate us both! 3: Whatever, dude. I have more important things on my mind than loving myself or my neighbor. 5: I definitely love either myself or my neighbor more than the other, but I’m determined to learn from whichever one I love more to improve the way I love the one I love less. 7: I love myself and my neighbor, but one a little more than the other. 10: I love myself and my neighbor TONS, and it’s automatic, so I don’t even need to keep track.


When you love yourself, how does that help you love others?

When you love others, how does that help you love yourself?


If you usually love others better than yourself, then think of the kindest things you’ve done for others recently and do them for yourself.

If you usually love yourself better than others, then think of the kindest things you’ve done for yourself recently and do them for someone else.



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