Kahlil Gibran’s (1883-1931)  “The Prophet” is such an extraordinarily beautiful set of life insights that it deserves to be featured here so it can be found and enjoyed by, hopefully, millions more people, and thereby make the world an even better place.

Click the links below to read each chapter, and be sure to share your favorites with your friends!

The Coming of the Ship
On Love
On Marriage
On Children
On Giving
On Eating and Drinking
On Work
On Joy and Sorrow
On Houses
On Clothes
On Buying and Selling
On Crime and Punishment
On Laws
On Freedom
On Reason and Passion
On Pain
On Self Knowledge
On Teaching
On Friendship
On Talking
On Time
On Good and Evil
On Prayer
On Pleasure
On Beauty
On Religion
On Death
The Farewell



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