I need to learn Turkish and Dutch and I only have a few weeks to do so. I’ve studied ten other languages already, so I know the best ways to learn, but when I searched for the right language book or course, I couldn’t find one. That’s when it dawned on me that I can instantly generate my own ideal language course thanks to the modern marvel of Google Translate!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I’ll write a series of “Expanding Sentences,” which begin with a few words, then add more and more which makes it easy to see how grammar fits together without needing to study grammar in the abstract.
  2. Convert the sentences to the target language with Google Translate.
  3. Combine the original and the translation onto a single page for quick reference.

I first found this method in a textbook by Yale University Press called “Speak Chinese.” I had taken Chinese 101 before I moved to Taiwan and China, and this proved to be the perfect resource to continue my education on my own. Nine months later, I returned to the States, passed Chinese 202, and thus completed my Chinese minor.

Let’s begin. I’ll start with a few key phrases, then continue with Expanding Sentences.


My name is Shaun.
Benim adım Shaun.

Güle güle.

Thank you.
Teşekkür ederim.


Yes, please.
Evet lütfen.

Yok hayır.

No, thank you.
Hayır teşekkürler.

Do you speak English? Spanish? French? Chinese?
İngilizce konuşabiliyor musun? İspanyol? Fransızca? Çince?

How much is this?
Bu ne kadar?

How much does this cost?
Bu kaça mal oluyor?

How much does this food cost?
Bu yiyecek ne kadara mal oluyor?

One, two, three, four, five.
Bir iki üç dört beş.

Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Altı yedi sekiz dokuz on.

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.
Onbir, on iki, on üç, ondokuz, on beş.

Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
On altı, on yedinci, on sekiz, ondokuz, yirmi.

Twenty one, thirty one, forty one, fifty one.
Yirmi bir, otuzbir, kırk bir, elli tane.

Sixty two, seventy two, eighty two, ninety two, one hundred.
Altmış iki, yetmiş iki, sekiz iki, doksan iki, yüz.

One thousand, ten thousand, fifty thousand.
Bin, on bin, elli bin.

Where can I change money?
Nereden para bozdurabilirim?

Where can I buy a ticket?
Nereden bilet satın alabilirim?

This is delicious!
Bu lezzetli!

This tastes good.
Bu iyi tadýyor.

This tastes bad.
Bu kötü tadıyor.

Where can I find a hospital?
Bir hastaneyi nereden bulabilirim?

Where can I find a restroom?
Tuvaleti nereden bulabilirim?

Can you tell me where to find a restroom?
Bana tuvaleti nerede bulacağını söyler misin?

Can you tell me where to find a restroom, please?
Bana tuvaleti nerede bulacağımı söyler misin, lütfen?

I am staying at the Istanbul Hotel.
İstanbul Otel’de kalıyorum.

I am staying at the Istanbul Hotel on Mahmet Street.
Mahmet Caddesi’ndeki İstanbul Otel’de kalıyorum.

I am staying at the Istanbul Hotel on Mahmet Street in the Takir District.
Takir Bölgesi Mahmet Caddesi’ndeki İstanbul Otel’de kalıyorum.

Don’t shoot! I am American.
Ateş etme! Ben Amerikalı’yım.

Did I say American? I meant Canadian.
Amerikalı mı dedim? Kanada’yı kastediyordum.

I am a rock star.
Ben rock yıldızıyım.

You are beautiful.

Your country is beautiful.
Ülkeniz güzeldir.

Your knife is beautiful.
Bıçağın çok güzel.

I don’t have any money.
Benim param yok.

I don’t want to buy your knife.
Bıçağını almak istemiyorum.

Please call the police.
Lütfen polisi arayın….