Identity 101, Layer 2: Values

“Values” doesn’t just refer to the way you most often hear it used in the news – like your stance on gun control, abortion, and immigration. Rather, it includes everything that you truly care about. Watch this video and consider the following list of values – ask yourself which ones you care deeply about, and whether you’ve been living them or if they’ve been pushed aside by the quotidian demands of the rat race.

  • Authenticity, Achievement, Adventure, Authority, Autonomy
  • Balance, Beauty, Boldness
  • Compassion, Challenge, Citizenship, Community, Competency, Contribution, Creativity, Curiosity, Competition, Comfort, Connection
  • Determination
  • Excellence, Excitement
  • Fairness, Faith, Fame, Friendships, Fun
  • Growth
  • Happiness, Honesty, Humor
  • Influence, Inner Harmony
  • Justice
  • Kindness, Knowledge
  • Leadership, Learning, Love, Loyalty
  • Meaningful Work, Mastery
  • Openness, Optimism
  • Peace, Pleasure, Poise, Popularity, Power, People
  • Recognition, Religion, Reputation, Respect, Responsibility
  • Security, Self-Respect, Service, Spirituality, Stability, Success, Status
  • Trustworthiness, Travel
  • Wealth, Wisdom, World Peace