An American in China: Starting Over. A Travel Guide to the Adventurous LifeAuthor Shaun Roundy left in March for a spontaneous six-month voyage through the Orient. Six months later, he didn’t return. What did he expect to find by leaving everything behind?

Katie began working her way into Shaun’s heart in the weeks before he left, but she couldn’t hold him back. Would she ever hold him again?

This true story details a search for the significant questions of life that must preceed any meaningful answers. A search through beauty and love and adventure and loss for the wisdom to know when to hold on and when to let go.

Sometimes you must stare into the jaws of death to fully appreciate life. Unwilling to resist the siren song of first-hand experience, Shaun’s journey carries him into the salt spray of dangerously high seas, through frothy, typhoon-swollen rivers, and below shattered, crumbling mountainsides that come crashing down around his feet. Passion for living offered no alternatives.

This journey carries him on motorcycles through crowded city streets and wide-open tropical island beaches, on trains rolling for days across the world’s most populous country, starting over again and again and again, discovering what it truly means to live, and what living truly costs.

Shaun’s engaging writing style will pull you straight into living the adventure yourself.  Gather a lifetime of experience in 168 action-packed, heavily illustrated pages.

Sometimes it takes a journey of 20,000 miles to finally arrive at one’s own heart. Find your ticket to the journey inside An American in China: starting over.

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