University of Life Writing Program

Welcome to the University of Life English Program, a free resource for aspiring authors, students, and teachers to simplify the complex task of writing inspiring stuff. Each section will include explanations, examples and exercises to turn you into a highly effective writer.

Anyone can learn to write well. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a lot closer to a science than you probably think – simply learn these lessons and put them to work. You’ll see.

We’ve divided our lessons into the following courses (and will continue to add content – so bookmark this page and check back often):

WRITING 1: Basic Writing Skills includes punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, paragraphs, etc. Just because you think you know these things doesn’t mean there aren’t valuable things to learn here, to check it out!
WRITING 2: Foundational Concepts. If you want writing to A. make sense, B. be exciting, and C. make a difference, D. be compelling and awesome, then you need to understand a few things first.
WRITING 3: The Writing Process. Want to write faster? Easier? Better? Want to sharpen your skills every time you write? That’s easy – just follow the process!
WRITING 4: Academic Writing covers basic writing, researching, reading, and critical thinking skills crucial to any school assignment or scholarly publication.
WRITING 5: Descriptive Writing includes narrative & many writing skills to improve the quality of any writing style.
LITERATURE 1: an introduction to basic concepts to help you get the most from your reading or lit course.
LITERATURE 2: we’ll apply the concepts from Lit 1 and create lectures & stuff based around various pieces of literature.
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