ullogoThis is the seal for the University of Life, which highlights some of our key values and hopes for all U of Life students.

The University of Life: this is not a “normal” school with classrooms and teachers – or rather, the entire world is our shared classroom and every human being you meet is a fellow student and potential teacher.

What have you learned from your experiences, your challenges, successes, and failures? Be careful! It’s easy to learn the wrong lesson! The truth is that every day is a new beginning, a second (or third, or fourth, fifth, etc.) chance and you can draw one day nearer to your goals and dreams if you’ll just believe in yourself and take action.

What have you learned from fellow students and teachers? Who have been your greatest examples? Who have shown you ways to NOT emulate? What have you taught others with your example, your personality, your hopes & dreams, and your attitude?

Thrive: the purpose of life is to LIVE! If you’re living right, you’ll be happy and productive, so take good care of your body, mind, heart and spirit! Surround yourself with healthy connections and uplifting influences. Engage in good causes that utilize your unique talents and interests.

Love: love changes everything! Choose to love everyone – starting with yourself!

Explore: never stop learning and growing, that’s what gives life meaning, strengthens relationships, and leads to a better world.

Truth Above All: The truth really will make you free (from error, stress, limitation, etc.). Learn to think carefully by considering multiple options before making up your mind, and then keeping an open mind to new information. Don’t let your feelings (whether positive or negative) make you believe what is not true.



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