The Ego Police

Society teaches us that it’s wrong to love yourself, and we often believe it. They call it selfish, egotistical, arrogant, pride, cockiness, narcissism, and being full of yourself.

“Well,” they declare with an eyebrow raised judgmentally, “SOMEbody certainly thinks highly of him/herself!”

People who say this are members of the Ego Police. How I despise them! (Or despise what they say, rather.) They’re out to beat anyone down who begins to crawl free from the cesspool of self hatred and unhappiness.

The Ego Police are closely related to the Fashion Police, who associate your self worth with whatever clothes you’re wearing.

Most Ego Police don’t do it on purpose. They got brainwashed, taught to fear love, and carried on the evil game they learned from other unwitting E.P. officers.

DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! Do not play their horrid games!

Once a year, the Ego Police stand down. On your birthday, you’re more or less allowed to let the whole day be about you. You receive gifts and cards with loving sentiments. On your birthday, you are briefly allowed to be special.

Well, I say you ought to make EVERY day like your birthday. (Especially the gifts part, if you can get others to cooperate 😉 ).

The fact is, you ARE special! You deserve to love yourself and be adored by all. Everyone does!

Furthermore, pride, arrogance, and selfishness have NOTHING to do with love. They are absolute opposites. They’re all built on fear, scarcity, and lack of love, while love is built on courage, abundance, happiness and support.

From now on, realize that the Ego Police have no actual authority besides the intimidation and fear they inspire. Realize that most E.P. officers don’t actually like what they do. It’s a long-standing habit, but one that can be quickly broken once a clear choice is presented.

Stand up as an example of loving yourself and show the world a better way!


Where do you fall on the “Ego Police” love slider?

1: This article is WRONG! It’s WRONG to think highly of yourself! How arrogant and stupid of you to think you know better! 3: It’s safer to put myself down before everyone else does. And as long as I’m down, I’ll drag everyone else down with me! Misery loves company! 5: I don’t like the Ego Police, but I can’t do anything about it. That’s just how people are. Always have been, always will be. I don’t dare stand up to them! 7: The Ego Police are wrong and they suck!!! I’m gonna think highly of myself no matter what they say, though I’ll be cautious about saying so out loud. 10: I love the Ego Police (though of course I strongly disagree with their actions). I’m not afraid of them and every time I see them tear someone down, I confidently build them right back up.

11. Going to extremes: if you REALLY HATE the Ego Police, be careful you don’t turn into one of them by using their fearful, hateful, non-loving methods to attack them. Also remember to counter their words and not their identities as they may need love even more than the people they undermine.

Another way to go to extremes is to be SO SICKENINGLY POSITIVE that people can’t believe you. You THINK you’re being kind, and I suppose you are, but you’re also taking responsibility for other people’s self esteem and happiness, and that simply doesn’t work. It backfires. Learn to respect healthy boundaries, love yourself as an example, and give heartfelt compliments judiciously. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge flaws when it serves the greater good.


Have you ever said or done anything that would make you a member of the Ego Police? Why did you do it? Why do you think other E.P. officers say what they do?

Have you ever publicly disagreed with an Ego Police officer? How did it turn out?


Raise your right arm to the square and take this oath: I [state your name] solemnly swear to oppose the Ego Police by standing up for loving myself and others at all times and inviting others to do the same.

Next time someone cuts you down, reply unapologetically and with a confident grin, “Whatever. I’m AWESOME!!!”



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