Short, Short Stories

A quick way to practice writing skills is to use a short, short story. This brief passage (maybe 250-500 words) needs no introduction nor conclusion, just a few objects, people, places and events to describe. You may use the EXAMPLES BELOW, some inspired by photos we viewed in class Wednesday. Please email whatever you’re willing to share with others, or enter them as comments to this post. Thanks!

You may use the following images to whip up some quick short shorts to work with. Just imagine the story going on here and write it down, then add whatever writing skill you want. Click any image to see a bigger version if you like. You can also use your own photos or visit for some unique inspiration!


You Are My Cheeseburger
The day finally came that Josh was going to get his 25 pound burger.. and get married. His wife was as beautiful as the hamburger. Her hair was as soft as the lettuce that caressed her shoulders as lettuce did beef. he skin reflected the same beautiful char-colored meat that lay oh so serenely on the bun. The sun beamed off her face as cheese beamed off a melted patty.Her lips were as juicy as a half cooked burger.

Museum Education
Three young girls arrived at a museum while vacationing in Utah with there grandparent’s. The girls loved going to museums. It was like going to school but much better, because they got to rome around and explore while they learned about the history the museum offered. As they were headed into the auditorium to watch an educational move about Adam and Eve; they were shocked to find a real life Adam standing in-front of the auditorium door. It was like looking at a modern day cave man, only instead of a loin cloth for clothes he had a huge leaf coving him. The girl’s grandparents thought it was wonderful and wanted the girls to pose with Adam for a picture. The girls were not happy and stood as far away from him as they could as though he hadn’t showered for weeks, but still remaining in the view finder of the cameras lens.



4 thoughts on “Short, Short Stories”

  1. “Last one in’s a thousand year egg!” Michelle shouted as we climbed out of the van in Kending at the island’s most famous beach. The sand was covered with people strolling along, mostly wearing long pants but barefoot, past brightly colored parasols and jet skis.
    “What are those dome-shaped things over there?” Beth asked. .
    “Oh,” answered Shannon, “they’re nuclear reactors.”
    Michelle’s enthusiasm ebbed slightly. “Maybe we should drive around and see the tip of the island before we swim.”

    “Ready to push?”
    The trip had stopped short in a wide canyon starting up the southern cross-island highway. Rain and wind from an approaching typhoon had brought rock slides tumbling down the steep mountainside to where they had buried the road. We stopped the van before the first pile of rocks and walked another hundred yards up the road to find a farmer trying to drive his motorcycle across the rubble.
    “Yi, er, san! ” Mike counted to three in Chinese and the farmer gunned the engine. A little push and they were over.
    I lifted my camera, focused, and pressed the trigger just as Mike turned and ran.
    I discovered why as I lowered the lens and another shower of rock smashed into the pile less than ten feet in front of me. Without looking up, I turned and ran the other direction.
    “I thought you were dead, ”Von told me later.

    We drove along the coast and watched the weather change. The typhoon was on its way northwest and clouds blew in from across the ocean horizon, strong winds flattening the tall grasses along the highway.
    When we reached a tiny man-made harbor, we walked down the rocky beach to get a closer look at the growing waves as they crashed, frothing white, against the shore. A stone and cement jetty cut into the ocean and we wandered out along it.
    Behind us, millions of gallons of sea water heaved back and forth with every swell that gushed into the harbor through its narrow mouth. Waves crashed against the sea wall and exploded upward, bathing us with a cold, salty shower.
    A voice blasted from a loudspeaker behind us. We had no idea what the voice was saying, but its urgency made us understand that we weren’t supposed to be out on the jetty. We made our way back as bigger and bigger waves came crashing down around us.
    Inside the harbor the sand wasn’t all washed away, and we walked across the beach, laughing, enjoying the storm.
    A loud crash from behind us made us turn just in time to watch the top few feet of a wave rushing toward us, gushing over the jetty. Had we stayed on the jetty a few moments longer, we’d have been washed into the harbor, right into the violent currents. We’d have been dragged down into the dark ocean, buried underwater, carried out to sea.
    We stood on the sand, our mouths hanging open, calmly dumbfounded. “Hmm, ” Mike said thoughtfully.

  4. NAKED
    Our apartment had four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The showers had no curtain, no tub, nothing but a shower head and hose that hung from the wall and the tile that stretched across the entire floor and walls.
    Mike knocked at the bathroom door and the shower turned off inside.
    “What?” Michelle asked through the door.
    “Are you naked?” Mike asked.
    “Can I come in?”

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