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Welcome to the University of life podcast. I’m your host Shaun Roundy, and today’s podcast is for any of you who sometimes…you’re going through life, and you run into things that just infuriate you or frustrate or just annoy you. You look around and, you’re smart person, you can think things through, and you see the way other people live and think, why do you do that?

Well, sometimes I find myself in that category, I like to think of myself as generally a kind patient, compassionate person, I try to be so. But I definitely have moments like my first explanation as well.

But recently I’ve learned a lesson about that, an important lesson which, if you implement this in your life, it can probably bring bring you some peace, and it’s worth a try. So let me tell you two stories.

Number one. Last week, I was leaving a comment on Amazon about something I had recently bought. And I saw this question that said something like do have this in size medium, and Danny j or, I don’t remember the name but something like that, replied and said I’m not the vendor I’m just a customer. If you shop on Amazon I know you’ve seen that before. And you likely had my same reaction, was, “Why, DannyJ, do you even open your mouth? You have nothing of value to add. And for the first time I actually replied and said something like that, not with all caps or anything but I just asked the question, Why are you even replying?

And the next day, I had a small epiphany. I kind of recalled, it seems like Amazon sometimes sends these emails that say, hey you bought this product and and JoanieK asked this question, can you answer it for her? So, if DannyJ thought that JoanieK was directly asking him this question, maybe that’s kind of reasonable. And maybe that’s kind to reply and say, Look, girl, I don’t know, sorry. And maybe he didn’t know it was going to go into the answer section, where people would have to look at it and, you know, slap their forehead a little bit about it.

So, it taught me to be a little bit less quick to judge, and look around and see if there’s maybe an explanation for things.

Here’s my second example. I flew to Calgary the other day. This is my fourth trip to Canada this year, and one thing I’ve noticed on every trip is that deplaning is very different. Normally, for example, when everyone empties out of the plane in front of me and it’s my turn to stand up and get my bags, if there are people standing in the aisles with their bags already, I’ll just say Oh, go ahead. I just always think that would be so much more efficient, and as a North American. I love efficiency. And, you know, let them flush out and then everybody else can stand up and grab their bags and if we did that in like two or three waves we would be off the plane like that.

But in Canada when I do that, people pause and they’re like, are you sure? No, go ahead. It’s so polite. In fact, the guy sitting next to me stood up and as we’re all kind of standing there and the front of the plane was finally beginning to empty out, he reaches up and pulls this bag out of the overhead compartment. And he taps the person in front of him on the shoulder and says, Would you pass this up to that guy three rows up who’s waiting for this?

So consider it. It’s cool. I made a comment on Facebook about it and said, keep it up Canucks, keep making the rest of us look bad.

Deplaning and Canada may take a little bit longer, but it’s so pleasant. And I’m not going to say which way is best. I mean if you’re rushing to make a connection then yeah, I would love the efficiency. But if not, it’s kind of a good way to live.

So here’s the point, look around and recalculate your frustrations. Your aggravations, and your impatience and see if there’s another way to look at it and judge people a little bit more positively if you, if that works, you’re going to have more peace, less frustration and lower your blood pressure live longer be happier and and that’s the point.

Now, there are obviously times, you’re not going to find a great explanation for things. you know there will be bad drivers. There will be inconsiderate people who wake up early for a nice stroll through the neighborhood, and they’re just talking loud and waking up the people who have not yet set their alarms and that’s just unaware or inconsiderate. It happens. But, do your best to judge a little more kindly, and at least reap the benefits for yourself.

Good luck with that, let me know how it goes in the comments, I’d love to hear it here on UofLIFE.com, and thanks for tuning into the University of life! We’ll talk to you next time and until then, live smart, live happy.



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