Love Quotes: Love Attracts Love

Have you ever watched someone walking down the street, smiling and happy, a bounce in their step, and thought, “I bet they’re in love”? Have you ever observed the way a person’s countenance changes as they fall in love? Suddenly they become happier, their eyes shinier, and the weight on their shoulders seems to float away and vanish in the clear blue sky.

That’s what love does to us. Not only does it pour more dopamine and other positive chemicals into our blood streams and brains, it shifts our focus to the positive and hopeful. Worries fade away. We become more willing to risk and invest in ourselves and play. Merely being alive becomes a continual pleasure.

The benefits of being in love don’t stop there, because our bright, shining aura naturally attracts all other living beings who long to bask in its light. Sure, a few jaded souls (we’ve all been there) may feel envious as our happiness highlights their contrasting emptiness, but if they can get past souring something sweet, our cheerful, lively presence will lift them as well.

How unfortunate, don’t you think? That when we’re not in love, when we’re alone and lonely and need to look more happy and shiny in order to increase our attractiveness and, perhaps, draw love into our own lives, that when we need it most, we may lack that brilliant, happy, optimistic glow shining from behind our eyes?

But wait a second – stop and read that quote again. Notice that it doesn’t say “life is kinder to people who are in love” – which, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t – but “kinder to those who love themselves.”

Sure, we like to think that being in love or being loved by someone else is what gives us value and self esteem and happiness, but if you don’t love yourself first, then those things provide only a pleasant band aid over a festering wound.

“If you don’t love yourself, no other love can save you.” – Shaun Roundy

So if you’re looking for more love in your life, begin by loving yourself better. Study up on what that means and how to accomplish it here at the University of Love and put those steps into practice immediately! You’ll have a bounce in your step before you know it; then watch as you attractive higher-quality love into your life than ever before!



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