Life is Hard…Get Over it!

It’s surely no news flash to you that Life is Hard. The surprise is to realize that THAT’S OKAY!

Yes, life is hard. Now get busy living!! 🙂

Runners don’t run marathons and mountaineers don’t climb mountains because they’re easy. Explorers don’t discover new continents to get out of mowing the lawn or because there was nothing good on tv.

The most rewarding things in life all have this in common: THEY ARE DIFFICULT! That’s what makes them rewarding! That’s what makes them worth doing!

If life wasn’t hard, most of us would follow the easy path. We would not stretch and grow. We would waste our lives.

The fact that Life is Hard is a gift to make sure we all get the chance to do something great. To BE great. And how, exactly, can we be great? Don’t worry about it – just GET BUSY LIVING and the rest will take care of itself.

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