Kilgore Trout-Style Life Transformation

The following software-translated transcript is rough – I’ll clean this up later:
Welcome to this university life and podcast. Today we’re going to talk about your true identity, I just want to make one point about it, and I’m going to start by telling you the story of Kilgore Trout, who’s the protagonist in Breakfast of Champions, which is the first book I read by Kurt Vonnegut, who some people love – I remember one guy my graduate program just praising him as the best, coolest, awesomest author of all time. A lot of the book is just bizarre. Kilgore Trout is washed out, old, really a loser, an unsuccessful science fiction writer. of course this was all long before he became President of the United States and all women loved him and stuff and so it’s really intriguing wondering how in the world is this character going to become president. it makes no sense and then you get to the end. The end of the book is what makes it all worthwhile so if you want to read this book you should stop with me now because what happens is the very end of the book so long and I’ll send down from the sky float the narrator himself the author you know anything he’s like hey and make a present stuff does anything and is the narrator for the back of the sky like God you know the whole book cover finally thinks of what he wants to go to running after I was heading make me young make me so so that’s entertaining but I use that as an example right now to tell you something about yourself you I walk around thinking mean who who you are and I’ll tell you whatever beer and you have of yourself it is only a limited fraction of your true potential inside you know we’re building our brains are all these thoughts and perceptions and when we are young we kind of the world was and how we thought we thought we were with fears and limitations and sometimes even scared. Lead our potential it frightens us you know and and Williamson poem about how it’s our potential it frightens us you know and I’m and I just had this experience the combination between my own experience and the people I’ve been working with that made me realize that it is possible did you really get in touch with your core that late in your heart there this your real true self that’s better than anything you think you are and if you can work with that learn how to work with that enough to let it transform and and inform your thoughts and and kind of just erode away all of the limiting thoughts then the rest of your life could be a complete non sequitur to the beginning of your life to who you thought you were and what you been accomplishing and enjoying it could be WAY WAY better to be totally different just like Kilgore Trout just transformed can be really quickly so by the way I just booked a published last month heal your mind available on and healing. Common elsewhere this talk to you this talk to you how to do exactly that I need to talk to you too a lot more its got hundreds of different things but but this kind of thing I’m just driving there are several of the tips in there and techniques that teach you how to do exactly that cuz is the first time I’ve mentioned in the podcast and that is a combination of lots of different healing techniques and just briefly there are there two types of it is two types one is the conscience of product so that’s a lot like cognitive behavioral therapy and got some good techniques and it’s really important really useful but but the other kind teaches you how to communicate natively need it Lee in the languages of any motion and that means you can work directly with the subconscious not trying to translate the subconscious but vice versa and that could be really effective transformed things really fast and so many people’s lives so fast dramatic really pleased with the results and I still have that so check it out alia mind by Shaun Randy pick it up and that’s it so live smart live happy to see you next time



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