If you’re unhappy and you know it…

Do you ever wish life was happier? Yes? Well good news – your wish is about to come true!

IF you cooperate, that is.

Here’s the deal: life is many things. It’s hard. It’s short. It’s confusing. It’s also good, full of opportunities, and open to your input.

What that means is that you have a lot more power over how your life turns out than you knew.

For example, did you know that happiness is a choice?

Yeah, okay, maybe it’s not like you can shout, “I choose happiness!” and suddenly your fairy godmother appears, brings you a prince/ss, and you live happily ever after, but if you really seriously choose happiness, then it will begin to change your life and you will become happier.

It’s a scientific fact. It’s all about how you train your brain. Here’s how:

1. See the good. No matter how bad life may be, there’s always good all around as well. Make a habit of noticing it. Keep a goodness (or gratitude)  journal where you write down 10 good things you observe every day. This habit will train your brain to see the good more often and your attitude about the world will grow healthier.

2. Build good relationships. Good relationships are vulnerable. They’re real. They’re safe enough that you can express your true thoughts and be your true self without having to put on a show so that people will accept you.

So cut back on the sarcasm! Too much sarcasm is a shield to hide your real feelings, and it destroys your chance of really connecting with anyone.

3. Let go of the past. If you’re holding a grudge, let it go. Grudges are shields to protect us from repeating past mistakes and getting hurt all over again. Learn the lesson, vow to take better care of yourself next time, and get on with living.

Easier said than done? Yes! Do it anyway. Talk yourself into it. Notice how much unhappiness your grudge brings you and realize that grudges are your enemy! Give it a hug and ask it to leave you alone.

4. Admit that life is good and you deserve to be happy. After all, life is full of opportunities and choices every second of the day! If you focus on the bad, you become negative and unhappy. If you focus on the good, the opposite happens. Life is as it is, and your focus determines how you experience it.

5. Take care of yourself. Eat better. Exercise, even if just a little more than normal. The first steps forward pay the biggest dividends. Get a massage or find some other way to unwind and destress. Add balance to your life. It’s hard to feel good when one of the four quadrants of your life is being neglected.

6. Have fun. There are millions of things you could do to brighten your day. Make time for at least one enjoyable thing every single day. This is your life! It’s up to you how to live it!




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