ESAR Rappels 180′ Mammoth Wall

Here’s another rappelling video for your viewing pleasure. Notice how your stomach feels when the camera looks down that gigantic cliff face!

This is the Utah County Explorer Post Search and Rescue Post. If you’re about 16-21, live in Utah County, want more adventure in your life, want to learn rescue skills, and sometimes get called out to assist the Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Chelsey!



1 thought on “ESAR Rappels 180′ Mammoth Wall”

  1. WOW! You can tell these brave people were concentrating more intensely on facing their fears and that cliff rather than chatting with your camera! And rightly so! Yikes what a drop! I am impressed beyond words that people train like this to help rescue people and save lives. My summer adventure reading was the Shaun Roundy “75 Search and Rescue Stories” and I was on the edge of my seat while you were on the cliff edges in rescue mode! A must read for all those who feel their calling is challenging their self imposed physical, emotional, and spirititual limitations to help others in need. True heroes and heroines! I sure hope you, or someone like you and your team, are close by if I needed assistance. Everyone read the book so you are better prepared before you go out and challenge Mother Nature! Thanks for all you do Shaun!

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