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    How well do you understand love? How good are you at applying that knowledge? The University of Life would like to know! Please take this simple six-question test to let us know what you know so we’ll know which lessons we should develop next. Thanks! [socialpoll id=”2159380″ type=”set”] Poll results will be posted and updated here periodically.

  • LOVE 101: What is Love?,  The University of Love,  Video

    Love 101: What is Love?

    Love is kinda like gravity. Nobody knows *exactly* what it is or how it works, but since we all experience it daily, only scientists go around asking, “What is gravity? How does it work?” On the other hand, love is NOT like gravity, because anybody can fall down, but only a small portion of love is the kind you just fall into – and even falling in love can ruin your life if you don’t know what you’re doing. Oh, sure, you THINK you know how to fall in love because it FEELS right, but feelings are…just feelings and they don’t have everything figured out. There’s a lot more to…

  • LOVE 101: What is Love?,  The University of Love,  Video

    Love is a Word

    The first thing that love is is…a word, and the thing about words is that they mean whatever we say they mean. That’s how words work. In this case, we’ve assigned a LOT of meanings to these four letters. No wonder it gets a bit confusing! It’s kinda like the word “dog.” Everybody THINKS they know what it means, but the word elicits very different images in people’s minds. Not only is there a LOT of variation between dogs in size, shape, color, and demeanor, but what happens when you see a reddish animal with a long, fluffy tail? Is that a fox or a dog? Or is a fox…

  • LOVE 101: What is Love?,  The University of Love,  Video

    Love is a Process

    Love doesn’t happen all at once. It never happens all at once. It’s like anything else alive. It has a beginning, and from there, it either grows or dies. If you understood how the whole process works, you could help. You could nurture the good seeds and pull the weeds early, before they grew deep roots and spread their pesky seeds in your garden (life). This video explains the process and brings you one step closer to understanding what love is and how it works. Love is a Process from University of Life. SLIDER Where do you fall on the “Love is a Process” love slider? 1: Love doesn’t exist!…

  • LOVE 101: What is Love?,  The University of Love

    Love is a Choice

    Love is active, not passive. It’s an intricate combination of thoughts, feelings, desires, actions, and more. Specifically, “Mature Love is the active concern for the happiness, joy, well being, and spiritual growth of its beloved.” Love is a fire – if it lacks fuel, heat, and air, then whatever spark of love you may have felt will flicker and die. If love was only a feeling, it would never survive, because feelings are fickle. They flicker and a sudden cool wind can extinguish them. If love was only an action, you could stack up an enormous pile of firewood and never enjoy the warm comfort that fire provides. Watch this…

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    Love is a Chemical Reaction

    Science has recently taken an interest in discovering exactly what love consists of. Modern technology like fMRIs have revealed several useful aspects of what generates love within our bodies, but they acknowledge that such information doesn’t begin to explain exactly what love really is, especially real love. Much of the measurable biology of love can be interpreted as motivation to procreate and/or retain lasting relationships. Certain chemicals change their intensity during various stages of a relationship, which helps explain why and how relationships evolve over time. In case you’re interested, the following neurochemicals are especially active during the attraction phase or early years of a romantic relationship. Dopamine: this happiness…