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    Pivotal Moments: Confidence

    What moments have changed your life’s direction, for better or worse? What events shaped your future and turned you into the person you are now? Have you ever created major changes in life without some external impetus to force your hand? What if you could change anything about your life right now? What would you change? Think it over! One of the most important traits you can develop is confidence. It makes you more attractive. It gives you the courage to live your dreams. It smooths out dozens of small bumps in the road of life and helps you progress much faster toward your inherent potential. With that in mind,…

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    Thank a Teacher

    I recently came across this inspiring letter written by a new teacher and she gave me permission to share it here: So, I’m a brand-new 7th grade English teacher. I work in a school where something like 80% of the kids live below the poverty line. Many of them have families who are barely making it. Many of them wear the same clothes to school multiple days in a row. For many of them, school lunch is the only meal they will eat that day. Many of their parents struggle with drugs, alcoholism, or are incarcerated. And here I am, some 25-year-old white girl who saw Freedom Writers and wanted…

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    How to See Yourself

    How would you like to be a happier, more confident person and a better friend and family member? This post contains a few chapters from the 99¢ ebook “How to See Yourself and Others” which reveals the easiest and most effective way to make your life and connections far, far closer and more rewarding than you can probably now imagine. The Human Experience Once upon a time, seven billion people woke up, went to work and school and play, walking and running and driving, sitting, standing, buying, selling, eating, talking, bumping into one another, hugging, kissing, laughing and crying…and no one saw them. They sort of saw each other. They…

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    Boston Marathon Bombing Commentary: Respect

    its April 15th 2013 and today’s been a tough day for Americans. Not only did many people at a fork over their taxes to the government, but three people were killed by bomber the Boston Marathon. we react with shock two tragedies like this, not only because of the senseless loss of life and violence, but also because of the awareness that we are not entirely safe on our own streets. if that was the worst thing that happened today, what a great nation America would be.

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    ESAR Rappels 180′ Mammoth Wall

    Here’s another rappelling video for your viewing pleasure. Notice how your stomach feels when the camera looks down that gigantic cliff face! This is the Utah County Explorer Post Search and Rescue Post. If you’re about 16-21, live in Utah County, want more adventure in your life, want to learn rescue skills, and sometimes get called out to assist the Sheriff Search and Rescue Team, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Chelsey!