• Emotions are what life is all about - they motivate or paralyze, inspire fear or courage, and bore or entertain.
    Most people live at the mercy of their emotions, but articles in this category teach you how to experience more positive, productive ones and less misery, depression, anxiety, etc.

Pain is a Problem (and your brain loves problems)

Today’s podcast discusses the ups, downs, and outs of the problem of pain. Without problems to solve, life would get dull fairly quickly, but when you don’t know to address problems productively, then all you get from them is stress, anxiety, and depression. Adding one more secret ingredient changes everything, so listen up and find out what it is! With practice, you’ll develop the one character trait that makes life easier and more enjoyable, despite…

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Are You Living an Inspiring Life?

Today’s podcast asks whether you’re living an inspiring life, then explains how to do that by choosing the better of the two motivations (hint: I’m not referring to love and fear). You also get a story of walking with young pioneers in disappointingly pleasant weather and you’ll learn a little bit about self actualization.


P.S. one of the “family” groups spent much of their walking time solving riddles, so I made up a brand new one. See how quickly you can figure this out:

I carry life on my back between the stars,
I’ll fight you both ways, my arms against yours.
No matter how far you walk, or how fast you run,
We’ll never reach our next destination.

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Hint #1: what do you need to keep you alive? Hint #2: stars have rays shooting out from them. Hint #3: what’s the farthest you can ever see (not counting the sky)?

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A handcart. It carries your survival gear. The wheels and spokes are like stars. Both ways = uphill and down. Our next destination is the horizon, and we’ll never reach it because it keeps moving farther away….




Love 301: How to Love Yourself – Book Available

The University of Love’s first publication: Love 301: How to Love yourself, a step-by-step guide to your ideal life experience is now published and ready for you to read! 39 short & entertaining chapters explain what self-love is and how to see the very best in you and delight in the simple fact of being yourself. UofLIFE.com price: $13.99 $12.99 – order at UofLIFE.com/books Or order from Amazon.com: Paperback: $13.99 j.mp/self-love-book Kindle: $13.99 $3.99 j.mp/howtoloveyou…

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Love 301: How to Love Yourself

$13.99 $12.99 Save $1 off retail price, and save even more on shipping (free for orders over $25). Your book will ship as soon as it arrives from the printer. After five years of researching the nature of love and designing effective ways to teach it, The University of Love is pleased (and relieved) to present Love 301: How to Love Yourself, now ready for you to order. Change your world as you discover what…

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Love Quotes: Love Attracts Love

“Life is kinder to those who love themselves, because love attracts love and light, and repels and dispels darkness.” – Shaun Roundy Have you ever watched someone walking down the street, smiling and happy, a bounce in their step, and thought, “I bet they’re in love”? Have you ever observed the way a person’s countenance changes as they fall in love? Suddenly they become happier, their eyes shinier, and the weight on their shoulders seems…

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Addicted to Love

It seems like everybody’s addicted to their smart phones these days, and we feel as if we’d suffocate if we can’t sneak a quick glance to check our messages and new likes. Some of us are addicted to food, shopping, gambling, video games, drugs, porn, and other substances/activities that momentarily soothe our nerves. This happens because of neurotransmitter rewards. In other words, each time we get a new like or take another hit of our…

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Open Up Your Heart

You may not even know it, but your heart is not all the way open and you don’t know what you’re missing. This article shows you how to open your heart wider and explains why you should want to. Let’s get started with a variety of exercises, and you can continue practicing until you get comfortable with your new & improved state. Note which exercises you find most difficult and practice them with any images…

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You Are Needed

I once heard a story wherein a fairy had become entangled in a hedge. A kind girl set her free and the fairy granted her a wish. “I want to always be happy,” the girl declared, at which the fairy flitted up to her shoulder and whispered something in her ear. The girl looked surprised, and the fairy flew away, never to be seen again. Well, the girl lived a long, satisfying life, and her…

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Love Languages

Explanations about how love works are all fine and good, but ideas don’t make much difference until you put them into action. That’s what love languages are all about. Love languages is an idea popularized by Gary Chapman’s books that identify five specific ways that people show love, based on what they value. Some people give gifts, others say nice things, share quality time, do acts of service, or communicate affection through physical touch. When…

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Pivotal Moments: Confidence

blondeprofilewindWhat moments have changed your life’s direction, for better or worse? What events shaped your future and turned you into the person you are now? Have you ever created major changes in life without some external impetus to force your hand?

What if you could change anything about your life right now? What would you change? Think it over!

One of the most important traits you can develop is confidence. It makes you more attractive. It gives you the courage to live your dreams. It smooths out dozens of small bumps in the road of life and helps you progress much faster toward your inherent potential.

With that in mind, here are a few stories of confidence-related pivotal moments to help you process the concept. PLEASE SHARE your own pivotal moments in the comments sections below! Everyone would love to hear and learn from them.

A Scout is…Confident?

I went to scout camp the summer before 9th grade, and sitting around the fire one afternoon, Coy started spitting watermelon seeds at me as he ate. Coy was one of the “cool” kids and I was not. After several seeds, something in me snapped – something small at first, then bigger. “If you spit one more seed at me,” I warned, “I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Coy calmly took another bite of melon, chewed, then spit a seed at me. Read more

Are You Really In Love?

Are you really in love?Spring is in the air, and with it, people all around you are falling in love – including yourself.

Lucky you! Congratulations! The ecstatic bliss you now feel is the most joyous experience you’ve ever known. The sun shines brighter, birds sing more sweetly, and you’re about to live happily ever after!

But hold on for just a second – because you just realized how utterly sappy all that sounds to everybody else who’s not in love, and how much you sound like a Disney princess, which you know – or at least you used to know – is not exactly realistic.

So which is it? Are you in love or aren’t you? Will you live happily ever after or are you setting yourself up for heart break? Does True Love exist or is it only an appealing myth? You’d like to know for certain so you can plan accordingly.

Okay, great, let’s find out! Read more