Boston Marathon Bombing Commentary: Respect

its April 15th 2013 and today’s been a tough day for Americans. Not only did many people at a fork over their taxes to the government, but three people were killed by bomber the Boston Marathon.
we react with shock two tragedies like this, not only because of the senseless loss of life and violence, but also because of the awareness that we are not entirely safe on our own streets.
if that was the worst thing that happened today, what a great nation America would be.
unfortunately, this is not the case. 27 other people died today as well, if we rely on statistics and averages , killed by drunk drivers. These drivers who drank and then got behind wheel surely didn’t intend to kill anyone, but their victims are still just as dead and their families and friends just as grief stricken.
even those deaths are not the day’s biggest tragedy. 160,000 student stayed home from school to avoid bullyingsuch cruelty it leaves lasting scars that most people never recover fromrobbing them off the happiness they might have enjoyed, and robbing us of the added contributions they will never make.
the common thread running through all these tragedies is that they are largely preventable, and the solution is surprisingly simple.
a little more respect would change everything. don’t just respect others, but demand that others do the same. new research tells us that a primary motivation for bullying is to gain social status , and when people stand up for victims, bullies tend to back down. other research shows that many bullies are also victims, and they need respect and not just justice and punishment.
respect for others lives should motivate you to let your friends know that driving drunk is not acceptable, and to find ways to avoid it.
the Boston Marathon bomber may have been mentally unstable or politically are ideologically disgruntled, but if our world was filled with more respect and open communication instead of angry one-sided diatribe, perhaps they would have vented their  dissatisfaction in a more civilized manner.
my point is that you are a member of the human family, and as such, you have the responsibility to step up your game. show more respect to people who you disagree with. even if you’re right and they’re wrong, that still doesn’t give you the right to be a dick about it.
stand up for civility and don’t tolerate disrespect among your family, friends, schoolmates, or coworkers.
let it be okay to disagree, and win your  arguments with reason and example instead of manipulative emotions. If you can’t do that, then why are you so sure that your opinion is valid for everyone else?
if you ever hope to live in a world without senseless violence and shocking tragedies, its on you to help forge a more civil society with respect for everyone built into its foundation.



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  1. Shaun, I have been watching some of your videos and listening to you interviews. WOW!! Being a teacher of young children I see a lot of bullying. Thank you for your wonderful advice and enthusiasm for life. You have really grown up to be quite a respectable hero, and I’m proud to be a long lost friend.

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