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The University of Life is ALL ABOUT YOU and your success, happiness, and actualization.

Why struggle with limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors when better ways are readily available?
Put our ever-expanding Free & Premium resources to the test and accelerate your progress toward increased satisfaction and whatever goals you set your sights on.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

You are much better and more capable than you think you are – or you WOULD be if only you could see yourself more clearly, if only you knew who you really are.

Discover your best nature and put yourself on the fast track to greater happiness, love and success with Identity 101: Who Do You Think You Are?



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Love, Love, Love

What is love, anyway? It keeps you warm and sometimes burns, you’ve had some and want more, and when you stop and think about it, you wish you understood it better so you could become more lovED and lovING.

Well for starters, did you know that there are TWELVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF LOVE going on all around you?
Based on seven years of research and innovation, this course teaches you not only all about love’s several variations, but how love begins and grows, what it wants, and teaches you to recognize its cheap imitations and what you can do about them.



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You know what to do to be successful, happy and healthy, so why can’t you make yourself do it? Why don’t you WANT to, why don’t you feel like it? What gets in your way time after time?

This course goes far beyond merely explaining how motivation works and cheering you on. It revolutionizes your whole way of thinking about everything you do and puts you more in your life’s driver’s seat than ever before.

In the end, you’ll find that you feel far more motivated than you ever dreamed!



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