How to Get What You Want

If you want something – ANYthing, then all you need is to do what it takes to get it.

If you want to DO something, then all you need is motivation.

If you want motivation, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Motivation – the internal force that makes you move – is not a mysterious personality trait which you either have or don’t. Rather, it’s a power which follows very specific rules.

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^^^ Is this future you? Who would you like to be? What would you like to have and do? Motivation is the key make that come true. (drag the <> slider from side to side)

As soon as you learn those rules, you can practice them until they become automatic, and you turn into one of those “motivated people” who do what they want and get what they want as a result.

Or maybe this is good enough – laundry folded and dinner ready.

Motivation 101: The Motivation Equation

We’ll include the best ideas from other experts PLUS unique and extremely effective motivation-generators that you can find nowhere else! Learn how to make motivation flow abundantly and easily into your life.

Here’s the course introduction with a simple & productive explanation of what motivation is and how it works. You’ll wonder why nobody every explained it this simply before! But that’s exactly the sort of practical, helpful insight you’ve come to expect from the University of Life.

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Strategy: Comparison

Now to apply the Motivation Equation with strategies to tip the balance and make action automatic!

The first such strategy is Comparison. By understanding how your brain is wired, you can use that to instantly make unappealing tasks seem downright pleasant!

Watch & learn!

Strategy: Find Meaning

Here’s another easy & effective strategy to make the motivation flow – meaning! Watch and learn how to harness this power to get things done!

Strategy: Chunking

Taking on large tasks can feel daunting. Momentum can be hard to maintain when you can’t see immediate progress. That’s when you need chunking, as explained in this video.